About Entegritē Consulting (pronounced “entegrity”) In late 2019, Norm Baillie-David and David Ang reformed a consulting partnership that has been in place, in some form or other, for twenty years.  Entegritē Consulting is about the human side of the employee and customer experience.  We are of the firm belief that while technology is immensely useful in improving efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace, the employee and customer experiences are, at their very core, human experiences.  What that means is that improving the employee experience, whether that be in terms of onboarding or employee engagement or leadership and management, is, fundamentally, about human interaction and most of all conversation.  Likewise, improving the customer experiences is about understanding the insights and emotions that drive human behaviour. 

Our mission as Entegritē is to help leaders and managers improve the employee and customer experiences through enhanced understanding of survey data; and more importantly, by guiding and helping leaders and managers use their survey results to develop meaningful insights, which in turn lead to meaningful decisions and action plans.